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I wonder if the Jack-in-the-box spring thing came from Acme? Or the ladder? Or the anvil? This was the precursor of so many things - even the Roger Rabbit movie used the "Ran out of piddies" line.
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Yeah... get a seat on the subway at the peak of rush hour, then decide if there's maybe just too many people around. Or maybe we're just not good at applying our activity in an efficient fashion?Naw - it's just too many bodies
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And... the British Empire was an honest effort to bring the benefits of Modern British civilization to the backwards, benighted, heathen tribes occupying the lesser-used parts of the world. With the full assistance of the Anglish Church. So, North America became British, and honored the Queen. Ditto India, parts of Africa, Anzac, etc.The other, lesser empires, assisted by the Roman Catholic Church, didn't try to create imperial citizens, just subjects, and trade sources.
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This was reported in WWII, occasionally planes would land with bullet-holes, in which were backwards bullets - their own! Zoom upwards, fire your guns, then dive in the same line, and the bullets will hit your backside, or -you'll catch up with them and collect them, backwards, in the nose.
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In my school, we borrowed from the Dairy Queen: "Let's all go to the Money Cow! I need cash, yes sir, right now!" Cue groans.
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might consider the difference between 'breathe' and 'breath'. The first is a verb, the second a noun. Poster is in error.
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Chocolate fish - that's fish covered in chocolate? That's what he said. Maybe he means 'fish' made of chocolate. Although, maybe....
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No safety glasses; no hearing protection. Detective Inspector Callahan would be stone deaf by now. And even the stunt performers were flinching from the blanks in those guns. Everyone who shoots for sport, lawn forcement, or the military knows these movies are closer to cartoons than any kind of real life. Fun to watch, though. Yay Clint!
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And then, to slow cars down, the city-planners put in Speed Bumps, to punish drivers who have to use those streets, like delivery and emergency vehicles. And where I live, the snow on speedbump streets never gets cleared away properly. But it sure is slower!
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Have a look at 'The Moon is a Harsh Mistress', by Robert A. Heinlein. Practically a manual on how to make a living world out of Luna. And a hell of a good story, as well!
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