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"Apparently some scenes were actually filmed of Bill and Ted going to prehistoric San Dimas and meeting some cavemen. "

Wasn't this in the movie? There's a scene where cavepeople are sitting on a rocky hillside, and Bill & Ted remark how it looks like the Led Zeppelin album cover HOUSES OF THE HOLY.
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"Now Scout, it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." said Atticus.
Suddenly, there was a flash of gray and something struck the back of Atticus's head, causing his hat to fly off.
"Son of a - !"
"Jim, get my gun." Atticus said grimly, retrieving his hat from the ground and dusting it off before placing it back on his head. "It's time to start sinning!"
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This is a pretty silly article. 170,000 kilograms. Let's call it 20 tractor-trailers. Consolidated in one place, it'd take up less room on the Moon than a football field. The Moon is 38 million square kilometers. I guarantee you, if I drop you randomly on the Moon with a month's supply of air, you'll wander until you run out of air and never encounter the first bit of Earth junk.
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Which reminds me of a story I heard in college. Guy has a pet octopus. On the other side of the room, he has another tank with feeder fish in it. Each day he finds one of the fish gone. He scolds his roommate; "Stop feeding the octopus, she's getting enough food already!" His bewildered roommate: "I'm not feeding the octopus!" Finally he discovers little wet sucker marks across the ten feet of floor. The octopus has been unlatching the top of her aquarium, climbing down to the floor, squigging the ten feet to the other tank, then up and in, stealing a fish, and then going back to her own tank....
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What's really impressive is that the artist was able to paint those on.... and had to wait after each brushstroke for it to come around again.... :)
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Something to keep in mind is, pretty much bodies don't decay up there. For example, a 1999 expedition found George Mallory's body, missing since 1924. They buried him. Unfortunately, he didn't have his camera on him; there was some speculation that they might still be able to develop the film in it, if it had been on the body.

The camera may be with Andrew Irvine's body, which has never been conclusively found, although several Chinese climbers reported a body that may or may not be his (it may have been Mallory's).
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"So, my arch-nemesis, we meet again!"
"It'll never work out between us; you're an African plains herd animal, I'm a dolphin!"
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The question is, can they really do it? No private company has ever sent a probe out of Earth orbit before; any other "ashes into space" things you've read about have been suborbital flights; the ashes have gone up, and come back down....

Sometimes a lot sooner than intended (several attempts with James Doohan's ashes).
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Here's a ground-level picture I took of that Crowley graveyard atop a little man-made mesa on the outskirts of a Wal-Mart parking lot in Decatur, Georgia.
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