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Some type of crude back scratcher for the criminally insane "like such as".......insert criminal name here.....

I would say sideshow bob but that isn't fair :O)

light blue, Med.: when life gives you mold...
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From the frozen depths of a forgotten fjord,
The never sleeping for wont of eating unholy stench of the manticore.....

Just had to get that out of my system, it stuck in my head after the last comment....

Totally love Harry Potter with or without the "made up" mythologies.....we are talking about fiction right? So who came up with what first really doesn't matter, it is just really interesting for people who don't know anything about this topic. Which is why this article is the devout mythologist or to the novice.

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Proctologist tool for inspecting between especially tight cheeks, that should have been cleaned better after its last use.

a day w/out fussion.....large
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