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I would only live in or rent the house if it were in the middle of a very busy city center and was accompanied by very attractive, randy, lewd-natured companions. But not in the wilderness...that would be rather pointless...would it not?
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These people might be a wee bit eccentric or offbeat, but why in the world would you think that this would compel them to eat cat food?
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One interesting physiological fact about cats is that they are a lot like semi-automatic weapons. They might have a capacity of nine lives, but when those are used, they just insert another clip, or another magazine, depending on the type of cat. If the cat is of the directed-energy type, then they just insert another power-pack and occasionally a new lens, but most lenses last the service life of the cat. DARPA has some cool info on directed-energy cats, well worth checking out.
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BEN -- I was just about to write the same observation! I haven't read the article yet, but I'm willing to bet that this agency attracts not only people who are not conventionally attractive, but also folks who have a talent for making unusual facial expressions, contorting their faces on-demand and similar talents requiring fine facial muscle control and the creativity to use it.
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If Ender is your given parents. If Ender is your chosen online name, the Ender's war series is one of my all-time favs...either way, cool you, cool 'rents. Cheers!

/Just about to re-read the Ender's war series, its been, like 20-25 years.
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I09's headline reported the bear as being hungry. The Daily Fail's, I mean Mail's headline says starving.

The quite well-fed looking Polar bear was probably reacting to what, I think was Mr.Buchanan's violation of a custom, a violation of what the bear reckons to be a trade -- humans can enter his or her territory unchallenged in exchange for a small payment, a tidbit (a plate of food to a bear is very small.)

Wolves who live in the wild, feral dogs and other Canidae, like bears have been seen anecdotally, experimentally and otherwise to behave similarly -- just like primates.

Some call this the "Pound of Flesh Principle" that is common to Primates, Canidae and Birds, especially Parrots.

I'm too sleepy to provide references, but here is one, the WikiP executive summary on the Canidae, a group that includes Wolves/Dogs, Bears, Raccoons, Ferrets, Sea-lions, and other doggy-type beings.

(I was trying to be funny here, I think I failed, but I'm not making shit up here...cheers!)
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Dress codes. Undress codes. Casual dress codes. Formal dress codes. Business formal. Business casual dress codes. No dress code! Half dress code! Sauna Dress Code!

We're talking about unchecked aggression here, dude. I do mind, the Dude minds. This will not stand, ya know, this aggression will not stand, man...forget're out of your element!
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