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Before the industrial mass production of sport balls, this was used to check the size of a ball; if it didn't fit in-between the (adjustable) claws, it was rejected.

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A second design on the original rake. It only had two prongs, but it was longer than the first. They didn't even bother adding prongs yet; they just spent all their time adding the steampunk additional 'X' design to it. I want one!

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It's one of the very first prototype phone/long-distance audio messengers. (Since the phone isn't really the right term for it.) The two prongs are tuning forks (tuning not included) that are placed over the ears. The sound transmitted from the other side is stereo, and travels down the X's. Alexander Graham Bell managed to make the original telephone before this design could be improved to turn and go further. And a lucky thing it didn't!

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A prototype Newton Meter - you know, the weight meters that you put an object on, and it drags it down a certain number of Newtons?
First, you take off the (removable) side sticking out, and put the thing you're measuring on a rope/string that is hooked in, replacing the part you took off to clamp it in place. Then, you drag the wheel like part to the zipper-end, and grab the zipper, and lift it up, so that gravity pulls down the wheel a certain number of grooves. That's the weight.

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