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Good grief! There are so many errors in the comments, above, that I don't have time to refute them all -- or even to copy them here. Lord, the ignorance -- and worse, the bigotry -- of some people nowadays is phenomenal! I have time only to point out a very big blunder found in the quoted text of the original post, which states this: "... includes and at least seven books that are not in the Old Testament." Incorrect! Those "seven books" are recognized as divinely inspired and thus are present in the Old Testament editions used by more than 1/2 of the world's Christians today. Moreover, they were in ALL Bibles (including the Gutenberg and first edition of King James) that were used by 100% of the world's Christians prior to 1500.
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There is no such thing as a "musical icon." An icon is a religious painting, found mainly in the homes and churches of "eastern" Catholic and Orthodox Christians.
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"... then why do we have fingerprints?"

Ultimately, the answer is, "Because it was God's will for mankind." He knew that it would be better for us to have them than not to have them. He knew about identification by fingerprint before He created the first man and woman.
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Why would anyone bother to take the time to post all this text and these photos about the closest thing to "human debris?" Scum like this deserves only one thing: to be ignored by the public.
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"... and so far hasn’t hurt fish or other animals ..."

What!? This is ridiculous! Obviously, it killed a HUGE number of fish and other living things. BUT IT DOES NOT MATTER. That is the way the natural world works! Not only was the quoted comment wrong, but it was ridiculous in its intent, because it implies that human beings ought to just about WORSHIP wildlife.

That kind of worship was done by a relatively few folks in some primitive, poly/pantheistic, pagan religions (and is now done in those religions' ludicrous "New Age" reincarnations [no pun intended]). But the vast number of people in the world are educated monotheists who worship the one true God, not wildlife (which God created to decorate the world and for man's use/pleasure).
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I believe that the name, "Oingo Boingo," was inspired by the name, "Bongo Congo," as mentioned in this article about a cartoon series from my childhood:
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When I was a student (in the '50s, '60s, '70s), there was no such term as "rain forest" -- at least not among ordinary speakers of English. Instead EVERYONE (or almost everyone) in the English-speaking world used the perfectly good, perfectly normal, descriptive and much shorter term, "jungle," as I will continue to do until the day I die -- and as I will continue to try to persuade all of you and others to do.

Several years ago, I started noticing this "rain forest" garbage. The only thing I can guess is that it is a "politically correct" term, invented to replace "jungle." Maybe the latter word always made some ultra-leftist whiners think of the phrase, "the jungles of darkest Africa," conjuring up (in their sick minds) an idea of wild, pagan, dark-skinned cannibals. But we can't have that, you see ...!
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The title of the thread is wrong. It's not the "galaxy," but the "universe." [Even then, the title probably would be wrong, as there probably are NO other "Earth-like planets."]
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I thank you with ALL my heart for having the intelligence and courage to use the words, "baby" and "mother," when speaking about the pre-birth experience. The two separate human persons are indeed a "baby" and a "mother" (already), right from the moment that a sperm finishes fertilizing an ovum. That is why it is so important for each and every one of us to realize that every abortion is a murder -- an unspeakable crime against an innocent, defenseless child -- and the law ought to reflect that fact. Abortion is never justifiable, and abortionists need to be imprisoned.
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Good grief! What a waste of five minutes! And I got rewarded for this by hearing a gross obscenity at the end? Neatorama, you have reached a new low. Pathetic jerks! This widespread four-chord simplicity was NOT true when I was listening to pop music (late '50s through 1984). There were TONS of songs with much more complex chord patterns and progressions. Almost 100% of this aggregation of songs where from 1985 to 2008, I assume, because I had never even heard any of them (except three from before 1985)! What we see here -- the four-chord simplicity -- is emblematic of 2009 society in general: ultra-DUMBED-DOWN, lacking in talent or effort or both! Come on, you stupid composers. Come up with something original or quit and leave the rest of history to be used on listening only to "oldies."
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