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I got stuck in a stall in Europe. I can't remember which country it was.. maybe Germany? Anyway.. the latch on the door got stuck and the stall door went all the way to the bottom so there was no way I could crawl my way out. Thankfully my cries for help were finally heard by my hubs and he came to my rescue lol.
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I watched video for a few of these rescues. It's heartbreaking and heartwarming. Glad there are people out there with the resources and will to help.
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Oh that article made me want an Irish Wolfhound. I wouldn't want to clean up the poop or pee if it messed in the house, but just love the way they look and bonus for being so gentle.
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Brother had a cat that gave birth to a kitten w/ this. Split right down the middle of its face. It was pretty cool & was the first time I had ever seen that. Wish they had kept it but nope.
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