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Yeah! Lighten up people! It is meant for discussion and not belittling others. Oh, and by the way, to "cut the cheese" is probably self-explanitory but needs a mention anyway!!
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I have always thought the Stooges were way ahead of thier time. There was a made for TV movie about them a while back and it portrayed Moe in the later years as being a gopher for Harry Cohn (who was portrayed as a genuine A$$hole). Moe was actually bringing Cohn's lunch to him on a daily basis. I don't really remember too much about the movie as I was arguing with my ex at the time. Does anyone remember this movie?
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Guys, guys, guys!! Stop yer bickerin'. It is an interesting post. One thing we need to remember about water. It is the most pure solvent on the planet. It is a simple statement but one to ponder.
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Good post! But how on Earth did the topic move from Dicken's oddities to porn? I guess I've been sequestered in the basement too long (ha ha!)
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I have never been a good student EVER! Nor did I pay attention in any of my science classes especially Astronomy. I really ejoyed these posts and I learned a few things about the physics of our universe. Thank you all!;-)
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I would like more information on joining the "Official Monster Raving Loony Party". I have a lot to offer and I'm willing to become an ex-pat of the U.S.
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I remember in one of my music history classes about Baroque composer Jean-Baptiste Tully's mishap (thank you wikipedia):

On January 8, 1687, Lully was conducting a Te Deum in honor of Louis XIV's recent recovery from illness. He was beating time by banging a long staff (a precursor to the baton) against the floor, as was the common practice at the time, when he struck his toe, creating an abscess. The wound turned gangrenous, but Lully refused to have his toe amputated and the gangrene spread resulting in his death on 22 March. He left his last opera, Achille et Polyxène, unfinished.
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Great Post! But there is however one glaring ommission. Douglas Adams' Infinite Improbability Drive! We could not ever reach Level 42 without it.:0
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