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You realize, that many profitable gold mines are able to extract less than an ounce of gold per ton. They may have just discovered the richest deposit of gold on the planet:P
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There's two that catch my interest. Both from ancient languages. In latin, it's the ethic dative. It is either mihi or tibi (literally "to me", "to you"). One might say, "Habet seruam, tibi". "habet seruam" means "he has a female slave". But adding the tibi, means roughly "this should be of particular interest to you". It really doesn't translate very elegantly.

The other is in ancient greek. I believe this is more common in attic and homeric greek than koine. In english, verbs have either an active(I am doing x) or a passive(x is being done to me) voice. Ancient greek adds a middle voice. If we take, for example, the verb "to loosen". In greek, with the active voice, it means you are untying something. With the passive voice, you are being let free. But, in the middle voice, it means you are being ransomed.

The middle voice simply has no direct parallel in english.
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