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The illusion of water depth was already broken when the camera panned out to show the cars what were only mid tire deep. They would have given it away even without the man walking through.

What I find funnier is the thought of what the guy that walked up was thinking as he approached a bunch of yahoos in boats.
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While this does look fantastic, my faith in (PG rated) television animation was already restored by Adventure Time, Fosters home for Imaginary Friends, and Flapjack

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I dont see what this accomplishes at all. There is the exact same about of room inside with the hatch closed as when open with this attachment.
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I used to do that. And the reason I did it was because I was TAUGHT that was what I was supposed to do all throughout high school. I still find myself doing it once every so often.
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Its a life size blow up doll of Joss Whedon. And when you touch his tra-la-la he sings Grrrrrr AAARRRRG!

Maleficent - Disney POP! Vinyl Figure ^_^
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