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A portable set of hand-grip exercise device. These were a must-have for any self-respecting athletic person in the 80s. They could hang from a key-chain to avoid taking away precious fanny-pack space.
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The "riddle" is in how simple it is to forget how things work and be tricked by the wording of the problem.

I can't figure out why, but first instinct seems to be to take 1/2 of 100 and say that's the age of the younger brother. That's not the case. The younger brother is only 2 years younger than the older. Always.
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yeah, actually I would venture to say that if AMEX or any software has any sort of unexpected response when receiving the value "null" on any field then they are probably extremely vulnerable to SQL injection attacks and they need to do something about it pronto.

Good practice in programing would sanitize the input before processing it so they should not be read as code.
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Map is wrong in more ways than one. It's Iguazu Falls, not Iguaza Falls and to say they are in Argentina is like saying the Niagara falls are in Canada. Don't care to look at the rest of the map after seeing that.
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The end of the article, which I think is Miss C's opinion, is right, there is no consciousness at all; just clever programing.

As the steps are explained the program doesn't check by attempting to make sounds and then assessing whether sounds were made or not.

It just checks to see if the robot knows (which they can't know) so then they must report "I don't know" and it is only after that assessment and report happen that the program re-checks (now with more information) and it turns out it does know.

The other 2 robots are stuck in a loop, they check and don't know; They report but gain no additional information; They check and they don't know; They report but gain no additional... you get it.. (keep in mind to the robot the report happens regardless of the connection to the speakers. The signal comes out anyway.

I think they are attempting to program responses similar to consciousness. I think eventually by this process we'll get robots closer and closer to something resembling ours. Then again who says our consciousness is the most effective? maybe robots will have something more efficient, better.
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I disagree with the idea that Will Smith needs to be silly so that a movie with him on it is good.
The Pursuit of Happyness was REALLY good and there was nothing silly or fun about his character.
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Not always, I think if you put a well in a valley you will collect more water, but also more impurities and dirt, whereas a hill will allow you to have a deep container for rainwater.

Also, they might not have been getting water from a well.
"The source of a river is usually found in high places such as hills or mountains. A river can have more than one source. Some rivers begin where a natural spring releases water from underground. The source of the River Thames is a spring."
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Hold your horses!
I heard this before somewhere...
I think it goes like this:
John and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
John fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.
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I think that trucking company is going to regret getting the trailer back if they do.
Yeah, it'll cost money to buy a new one, but I wonder how much money they'll have to spend on cleaning it and getting rid of the smell.
Also who decides when it's ready to have food inside again?

In all honesty though, I have no idea how much a trailer like that goes for, or the cost of cleaning it.
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"but we just do not have the patience to sit there while our girlfriends and wives try on a multitude of outfits"

I feel like there is a joke to be made here, something about polygamy or cheating...

Though if we already have a many wives, they are surely used to us having many girlfriends... one would hope
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and those are the people making and enacting the laws that govern us.

I hope they never find out the internet is a series of tubes, they might think you can snort drugs with those tubes. Massive amounts of drugs that will clog other people's internets
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On the other hand, when Robert Downey Jr. or a female in an equivalent position get off a plane they probably have no reason to feel as exhausted or crabby.
Notice he is not carrying any luggage, he had all the legroom he wanted and the champagne was probably not all that bad either. He also doesn't worry about the hotel or the state of it's pipes.

I agree though, if he wasn't in South Korea to promote something... I would expect my personal space and time respected.
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I think George was being really sarcastic there, you don't get that feeling?
and the response... I think they knew he was being sarcastic with the "talking straight from the shoulder" comment.
or am I just getting this wrong.
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I feel like the video could have been titled "The Beauty of Physics" and be just as (if not more) accurate.

Can you use math to understand or further explore other fields? Yes you can!
But just like you can apply math (and say it's beautiful) when it comes to a magnifying glass, a spinning top or an airplane wing, you can also do it to a painting or music.
I don't think it's "valid" to say "English is beautiful because you can translate and read The Odyssey and gain insight from it, but Chinese isn't as beautiful because I don't speak chinese so I can't gain the same type of insight."
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agreed... it's clear to me those considering those words are computer illiterate at least if not inept and/or illiterate in general... Anyone wanna "conversate" about this? UGHHH!
If any of those get approved then they should also approve the following:
- Compliterate: computer literate
- Compilliterate: Computer illiterate
- Fumazing: Fun and amazing
- Colorcoded: Something coded with color
- Ikandoodisderp: The act of taking over something others created, and ruining it due to incompetence, idiocy, or ineptitude.

.... what I'm trying to say is that those are contractions, concatenations and truncations of sorts... there is no sense of making a word out of words that already exist.. that's why they exist.
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"Americans also work longer hours, making daily food shopping difficult"

I can tell you in many countries the workday spans from 7AM to 10:30PM (namely some in desert climates). Considering most americans are on the proverbial 9 to 5 schedule... I'm gonna say this particular statement above, was pulled out of the proverbial hat.
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yep, you got it... just insert that foot in mouth cavity and hold until the next time you feel like pointlessly criticizing.

John has to be polite to you... but I don't.
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