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when animals in captivity engage in repetitive movements like this, it's almost always a sign of insanity from lack of mental stimulation. I find this video to be rather sad. not cute at all. poor bored porcupine.
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LOL she seems so blase and regal until she starts kissing (licking) her baby, and once the pink car comes along, Mochi gives up all dignity (as would we all).
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I'm all for getting rid of the bible in hotel rooms (offensive and exclusionist to non-Christians), but is this the best replacement out there?
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what a dumb idea. the imprint will be gone within 10-15 mins, and even if it were more permanent, one wouldn't be able to see it in a darkened bar or a night club with strobes. one wouldn't even notice it in a park at a noon picnic unless one were actively looking for it. also, if you feel this will keep a cheating spouse in line, you have bigger issues than spending money on useless items.
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