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Oh, dear 20-somethings: isn't it terrific that you'll not be forced to go a single night without being complimented when your parents (with whom you now live again after college) can't make it back in time to tuck you in?
That's great. YOU are great. No, really.
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That was a labyrinth of treasure! Recipes! History of portrait painting! Mary Kay!
Man - I fear Yvette has not seen the website that Sean Terrence Best has created for himself, er, I mean her shop.
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@medlii now that's good stuff

as for the rest of you - I'm always hopeful that the Neatorama commenters' wit will be par with passiveagressivenotes, but so often it boils down to simple editing insults. Meh.
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Never have I smelled anything as divine as my own brand new babies. There is something so powerful in the scent on their heads the first 2 weeks. It must be nature's way of helping a mother bond because I don't think anyone else's babies necessarily smell good.
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Sounds like a whole lot of Americans who say they don't believe in evolution and "survival of the fittest" are worried that, perhaps, Darwin was right and their genes won't make the cut.
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I used to live in Coconut Grove and we LOVED the Meter Fairy!

The sad news is, not long after he was hired, Miami Parking Authority removed all the meters and put in the "pay stations." Poor Fairy was out of a job and the rest of us would get tickets 1 minute after the meter expired.
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The retirement home I worked for only brewed decaf coffee. We'd pretend that we had both regular & decaf, but it was all the same. I guess safer for the residents who really couldn't handle caffeine.
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My father passed on to me boxes and boxes of documents from his great great aunt (who had archived the family for hundreds of years) and it was humbling to read for myself letters such as this. I found Last Will and Testaments that detailed who would inherit which person and who would get silverware, as if they were in the same category. Tragic- but what an important teaching tool.

great post
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Anyone been on that boat ride at Epcot where they take you through their greenhouse? They've got all these vegetables that are grown in the air with Mickey Mouse ears - creepy.
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