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I was never taught cursive in school, I had to teach it to myself. Honestly it comes in handy pretty frequently, and also I enjoy writing in calligraphy with a special pen, it impresses people and is invaluable to my art. But fact of the matter is that I'm old fashioned, I enjoy learning how to do stuff that you don't really need to know how to do anymore, and it makes me feel better than other people. I'm also pretty artistic and creative, most people aren't artistic, creative, or old-fashioned, so they don't really need to know it. I didn't even get taught cursive, I learned it on my own prerogative. There's no reason to know how to drive a manual transmission anymore either, but it makes me feel better that I do.
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The slapster--You should see how people react when I talk about taking my car on track days. I've used up an entire tank of gas in three hours before.
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One, how much traction does this surface have compared to regular asphalt, concrete, or brick. If I'm driving my electric buggy down this road and a sausage dog runs out in front of me will I just skid when I step on the brakes or swerve into the next lane? Two, the city in which I live has trouble maintaining our pockmarked and rutted roads already, if they lay a couple of these down they'll never keep them working properly. And three, we haven't even figured out how to make a low-cost easily installed solar panel that people can bolt to their rooves yet, let's focus on that first.
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That golden ratio is actually very important in one of my interests, architecture. It's basically the most pleasing shape to the eye, you find it all over facades. That is, the facades of old buildings. If you tell a modern architect about the golden ratio he'll laugh at you and go back to designing upside-down pyramids and buildings shaped like mobius strips.
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I played four years of Pop Warner football and I consider myself very kind, it didn't make me mean anymore than it kept me from going gay.
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