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@2, Wired would go through the trouble of creating a graphic/etc for this and publish it without testing it? Seems pretty unlikely...
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There is no such thing as a free lunch.

The energy output from the system comes from somewhere. Now, just where does it come from, you ask? Well, you should ask.

If it generates electrical energy from the kinetic energy of passing cars, then it reduces the kinetic energy of those passing cars in the process, which means they slow down. So, those passing cars burn must burn fuel at a higher rate to keep from slowing down. Make no mistake about it; the source of energy is the fuel in the tanks of those passing cars.

This is not a "clean green source of energy", it is simply a very poor way of converting gasoline and diesel fuel into electrical energy. It obeys the laws of physics. Deal with it.
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Some of the pics on icanhascheezburger might explain those fears. Besides, isn't "irrational" a relative term? :)

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Your a blessing to the intarweb.

Your posts are fascinating time, and time again.

Thanks for being a good, clean source of ceaseless entertainment and education!
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Interestingly, someone has posted their cats falling in love immediately w/ the spa:

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Great post! You can see similarities between this video and "Human Behaviour," "Army of Me," "Hyperballad," and "Bachelorette!" This guy is extremely talented, and it's great seeing that he's still churning out amazing material.
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Look at the brown part in the lower half of the picture. See the black part in the middle that points upward and to the right? That's a percussion nipple. Resting on that nipple is a hammer that curves upward and to the right. The black, curved object that is connected to the base with a screw and rests against the lower right end of the hammer is a mainspring. The part sticking out to the left is a trigger. The pin at the top with the attached chain, I am not familiar with; perhaps it is a removable safety pin.

Thus, this is quite obviously a percussion lock for a firearm or similar device. I've never seen one of this overall configuration before. Perhaps it is for use on a small artillery piece.
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While its unfortunate that some things will never be able to be seen by future generations, extinction is a completely natural process. Natural and artificial selection has ALWAYS been a part of nature. The stupid, the slow, the tasty die off. Or, even just the dumbER, slowER, tastiER have and will die off. As well, more median species will too die off from events like meteor impacts and global climate shifts.
It's the unbridled attempts of humans to be PC and try to preserve the Earth in some form of stasis so as to deny the natural changes in nature that are unnatural. While we may be changing the planet, thats not unnatural to do. Its a part of our evolution as a species and the planest evolution as it supports new species. If we change the planet too drastically we'll die off and the Earth will go on. I would bet that we would not take all life as we know it down with us when we do, either, and plants and other animals and organisms will remain and continue on without us reverting the Earth back to a lush overgrown place sans humans anyway. We're power tripping to think we can destroy the Earth for eternity.
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Interesting! I, too, recognized this as my old stomping grounds: NCSU.

Phenomenal job by the assembler. I wish he would give credit to NCSU's campus on the site.

How come we don't get snow like that these days? :)

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