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Have you seen the state of Russia's entire military machine lately? Most of their planes are grounded for lack of maintenance and parts, the bulk of their fleet of surface ships and submarines are rusting in harbors or abandoned, scuttled or scrapped, and there's no reason to believe that this system, assuming that it ever existed, would be in any better shape.
Here's an example of what is now left of one of their bases: http://englishrussia.com/?p=1910#more-1910

Need I say more?
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I find it both amusing and disturbing to read so many of these comments, with people finding conspiracies, hidden sexual innuendo, porn, and everything else in Disney stuff. It reminds me of the satirical song "Smut" by Tom Lehrer...

"All books can be indecent books
Though recent books are bolder,
For filth, I'm glad to say, is in
The mind of the beholder.
When correctly viewed,
Everything is lewd."

Let's face it... if someone's looking for it, anything longer than it is tall can be a phallic symbol, and anything taller than it is long is a vertical phallic symbol... It's sort of like a Rorschach inkblot test, where we see things that tell someone a lot more about us than about the person who made the ink blot.

Hence, for someone who's inclined to view it that way, they'll see Disneyland as a secret bordello where deaths occur daily and are quickly covered up and where the minds of all visitors are subverted by hidden images and sounds. Those people live in a frightening world where everyone is out to get them and no one can be trusted, and it's not a healthy or pleasant way to live.
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Before we blame the woman's attorneys for not getting a larger settlement, it might be worth considering that none of us have the facts of the settlement at our disposal. I work in a law office and know from experience that sometimes it's unfortunately necessary to accept a crappy settlement offer for the simple reason that it's all the money that is available. $700K+ may not have been anywhere near enough for this woman's long-term needs, but if that is all that was available, they can't just go down in the basement and print up some more cash to increase it.

Incidentally, the costs of taking cases like this through the court system are a lot higher than most people appreciate. Physicians often charge anywhere from $400 to $1200 an hour for their testimony and for performing medical evaluations for accident victims. Transcripts are hundreds of pages long and will usually cost three to five dollars a page. Expert witnesses not only charge hundreds of dollars an hour for their services, but have to be paid for travel expenses and accommodations. The law firm will also likely have hundreds of hours of time tied up in the case -- hours for which they won't be paid at all unless they win the case.

Wal-Mart, meanwhile, needs to understand that while they may have the right to recover this money, that doesn't mean that doing so is a good idea. I can only imagine how their employees feel when they read about this case -- "If they did it to her, they'll do it to me..." Between decreased employee morale and the loss of customers from the publicity, it's certain to cost them far more than they recovered in the lawsuit. And Sam Walton certainly wouldn't have approved.
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