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Alot of the old Edison stuff actually shot faster (30+ fps) than what is used to day (24 fps) and alot of silent films were done at 16-18. I remember reading some of the first sound+film experiments that Edison did were actually 50 (!) fps.

Unfortunately, nobody seems agree what the majority of silent films should be played back at, since there was no hard standard for several decades.
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Apologizes for the nitpicking, but I see tonal mapping far too often exaggerated as HDR these days.

Unfortunately there is not much of the real thing floating around because browsers wont support it without plugins.

Or really #7 in the examples is overused when a better choice I think is #14

Oh well, just my two cents
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Funny you posted this the day I was at the Air and Space on vacation visiting. Such a wonderful collection of FREE museums when you will not find such a thing elsewhere.

Flu-Bird I thought the model of the USS Enterprise was fake until I read it was the real thing, funny how things look differently in person. (If you ever go there, its down the escalator in the gift shop, its a bit out of the way)
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