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I've had these so called pancakes in the past. Never again. They are more like flat rubbery sponges then real pancakes one can make at home.
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V.H.S as we used to called it for short. I too been a fan from the beginning and have heard this story loads of times. I've never knew that some pps thought it was a peace sign though.
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Talking about dentistry. If I had not had my teeth fucked up by the various dentist's I would be able eat better.

Now all my food is pureed and I have nerve damage in my face and in constant pain all down to the damn dentist.
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I do understand some science and I've study astronomy.

The Hadron will not make black holes large enough for the earth's end. But I do believe that it will over time, around 50 destroy our little blue planet. Messing with the magnetic field for one and have we not got enough background radiation without that Japanese machine.
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