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For all you God loving country folk, God asked that we do 2 important things: 1) Love God with all our heart by putting no one else before Him 2) Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. You will find that Jesus states these 2 most important commandments in the book of Matthew. So, I'm trying to figure out "where is the love" in any of these comments. On a daily, God has to be shaking his head at all of us saying, "These lost fools don't get it. Don't they know this "life" is just a test run. How in the world will they expect me to allow them to live eternally in heaven despite, gender, race, political views, social status, religion (because God is only interested in a relationship with Him) or even age if they can't temporarily live with one another here on earth. They fight, kill, and steal land & liberties from one another. Seriously, you think I'll allow them into MY paradise with those wicked methods? Since all they do is raise hell on earth, maybe in the afterlife, hell will look a lot more familiar to many of them, thus, they'll--you'll be right at home. I'm sadden that you've totally disregarded the 2 simplest things I've asked you by giving into greed, power, and more importantly ignorance. So, if you are to fight over a life which is really not yours to keep, over land that you can't take with you in death, material things that are worthless here and have absolutely no value in death, we'll please by all means enjoy, because there's a hell just eager to have you, because heaven won't tolerate your drama"

As each and everyone of you "evolve" in this life, my prayers and hopes are that you learn to love God with all your heart and you learn to love your neighbor as you love yourself. I can only hope that I live & give in the manner that God wants and ask of me. And if God is pleased by how I spend my time in his earth, if God is pleased at how & that I loved my neighbor, I hope to see many of you in that paradise called Heaven.

I encourage all of you to live in way that is pleasing to God and love in a way that is pleasing to God. I pray that your 2010 & beyond will bring a new found peace and happiness to all of your lives-to all of our lives.


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