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It is a wind up ornament hanger that spins the ornament slowly, sometimes to a tune. The fat part is the top, the ornament hangs from the thin end pointed down.
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@ Most of you...
I think the purpose of this video is being misunderstood, just like the animal that it’s discussing. It is not taming some predator to show how "docile" it is. It’s just pointing out that there is a less than expected behavior from an animal that has a very very bad reputation that it does not deserve. That’s all there is to it. Sure, he is exploiting a biological mechanism to do so, but it’s not saying that sharks are safe; it’s just saying that they are misunderstood. Once people care about something or find it interesting, then you can reach out and educate them even more. It’s the fundamentals of conservation education.
But no, they don’t just show up and eat people. It’s usually out of pure curiosity or defense, not hunger that they bite.
My favorite example of this is how divers think that turning a shark upside down automatically makes them pass out... this doesn’t always work out so well. But really, whose fault was it? The diver or the shark?
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Oh come on now. It makes me sad when scientific researchers mimic the media and word the titles in such a way to get attention and skew the information or the media shifts word around to do it themselves.
It’s called a hunting territory people. And we have known about it for a long time. Sharks aren’t "murderers", nor do they commit "crimes". They are predators. Turn this around to say "serial killers mimic predators in the wild" and it might have made more sense.
Love you guys at Neatorama, and glad you brought this up. I just hope people see it for what it is.
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*cough* Sea Stars... *cough*

Always cool to think of animals who move using hydrolics in their body, thats why they look like they are convulsing.
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Hosnap! I found one of these in the kitchen drawers when i was little and it had to be my favorite "not-a-toy" anytime i could get my hands on it. But yes, other than working as an excelent monster mouth when chasing the little sister around, it can sometimes be used to cut the shell off the top off of a soft (or hard) boiled egg.
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