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Carbon dioxide a pollutant ? Insanity. Does the earth have warming and cooling periods ? Of course. Do some people have a need to keep others under control ? Sadly it is true.
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Alex beat me to it---save the "Young Frankenstein" comments. BTW--I worked at a Boy Scout camp years ago and we provided straw for large cloth bags to be used as matresses for the campers.
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Pinball ruled !!! I've played them since I was a kid in CNY the early 1950's. When I worked in the state of Washington, I played the legal gambling versions complete with odds improving extra coins. Such fun. Hearts and Spades by Gottlieb was an all time favorite. If I had the space in my home, I'd have one now ! Video games were such a bore--give me the silver ball !!
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We had signs along a road construction project near me that read "ROAD SUBJET TO FLOODING". I was always looking around for some of those subjets. The signs have since been fixed.
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