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"What animal can run, jump, swim, and also climb as well as we do?"

Bear, Mountain Lion, to name a couple off the top of my head.

The skills of the Mountain Lion are unbelievable.
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Ah, to be an academic who relies on theory instead of personal experience.

Rather than theorizing why don't they go out and see what they can accomplish by hunting on their feet? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to long distance run after a deer on uneven terrain? Or any animal out in the wild? They're fast for a reason. This article, while nice speculation, is the usual Utopian theorizing. Go out and try it in reality/actuality and see what you can accomplish.

I'd suggest we'd have to trap, look for tracks which would allow us to hide, ambush, and then ferociously SPRINT after the animal and hope to wound/kill it as fast as possible in the few seconds we have before it gets away.

Long distance running would give us away because we'd be LOUD cracking branches, etc. A deer merely jogs up rough/terrain and then peers back at us while we try to catch our breath.

Again, go out and try for yourself and see how effective long distance running is. Perhaps, to position ourselves in another area, but we'd have to employ many diverse strategies in the wild and long distance running would only be a minor one.

Also, a long distance runner has excellent endurance, but lacks the overwhelming strength necessary TO KILL. I think you'd have to have moderate endurance and above average strength. Too much endurance erodes strength.
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