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Whoa! These are all really oldschool games and they can not be compared to actual games in terms of fun. Alex, you really should try some new boardgames. They are so much better than the ones you show here. I assure you: You will never want to play games like monopoly again.

For a good overview of all kinds of boardgames I recommend It is the biggest boardgame database I know of with tons of gaming related things.

And for a really good introduction to "new" boardgames I recommend "Settlers of Catan". It's a game you can play with all kinds of people. If you like a really good mostly strategic game, give "Puerto Rico" a try or "Caylus". But these are more for "real" gamers than for the occasional one.
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I like his attitude. Most fun and joy in live come from immaterial things. Having too many stuff can become a burden and takes away from the freedom to do whatever you want. It is like in Fight Club where Tyler Durden says that "At some point you don't own the things anymore: They own you."
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