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uh, obviously the water would be pumped out of the river itself and sprayed straight back in. they wouldnt pour drinking water into the river. i don't see how it isn't eco-friendly.
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in the close-up picture, it looks like the eyes are covered with mesh so i guess you can see (somewhat) out of it.. though you'd look pretty weird and might suffocate.
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i HATE that series of books! thousands of stupid teenage girls are wandering around drooling over some vampire named edward. go read something with substance! oh well. they are probably the type of girls who wouldnt normally read anyway.
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i realize the whole concept of the home video camera was an important part of the movie but they could/should have stabalized it a little. its a cool idea but the execution is a different story. i'm not usually one to get motion sickness but this movie had me looking away from the screen every 20 seconds just to keep my dinner. i kept hoping the battery on the camera would die or it would get dropped so the movie would switch to traditional filming, but to no avail. it sucked. i left with a headache and nausea. i think the movie itself could have been better overall, too.
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*smacks forehead* it makes me a little ashamed of the human race when i see something like a gigantic swimming pool not even 50 feet from the ocean. and its SALTWATER too...
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before i noticed this was dated Monday, Dec. 07, 1970, i was going to say that a child has just as much of an oppurtunity to worship something in an atheist hosehold as a child has of becoming atheist in a christian household... but i dont think a decision like that would fly today so it doesnt matter.
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maybe the on/off stands for the caffeine. around my house, no one talks to anyone til weve had coffee because we are still half-asleep still. caffeine = "on" switch, im guessing.
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