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The music is a Russian pop song called "Popcorn" ... We did a crazy dance to it in my college folk dance class in the early 1990s (the most fun way to get a PE credit, I assure you). Any other Carleton College folk alumni out there? Does the Popcorn dance still go on?
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i mean, you're stuck in that confined area with the same people for months and months. and you can't get Brock's man-nipples out of your head. no matter what he's wearing next time, every time he walks by... awk-ward!
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good lord.

i think i've seen chimps and bonobos do this in the zoo or discovery channel specials. you know, for kids.

also, babies and little kids are made of much rubberier stuff than grownups. they have more cartiledge and bendy bones than hard-boned adults do. so i guess it's good for this kid to practice faling on all body parts now, so his muscles know how to protect bones as they mature.
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(the meat thermometer and mixer beater make this the kitchen-model dalek. maybe this is where cooking show hosts go when they 'retire.')
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yeah, that's what i thought too. then i watched their video and saw it's more like shining a light on your skin. awesome technology.

as for the halloween costume. maybe the technology will become available one day to be mass marketed... then you could host a naked disco with vein-viewer strobe lights. (or at least make it hot enough on the dance floor that people will be scantily clad with lots of veins showing.)
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this guy must have rented an entire hardwood-floored apartment JUST for his kinetic art experiments. wow!

i liked when the glasses of water were ping!ed to play "yankee doodle."
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