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I think this market is in one of the poorer sections of the central area. Rob is correct, Bangkok is a city that encompass a large area. However, once you get in to the downtown area, or have to drive by it your going to encounter some truly horrific traffic. Not to say that it is total grid lock but unless your used to the driving habits of the citizens you would almost wish that everyone would stop moving just so you would feel safer.
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Nice CG job, but it should have been blurred just a little and the contrast dropped slightly to give the impression that there is some air between it and the camera. I like the spiny things, I bet it gets fantastic WiFi reception. Well, it would if it were real. Could be for a portfolio piece or maybe it's part of a study in how people react to fake UFO images.
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Ferrofluid is pretty fun stuff. I bought some a while back to make something a lot like this. It's still in the construction phase but it's coming along.
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Great footage. I love the entire RocketCam program. I wonder if they had a camera on the main tank as well. I have seen footage from that before and it's spectacular when they jettison that tank.
Extra points for affixing a transducer to the spaceframe so we get all the nice creaks and pops from the SRB.
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I have long been an advocate of fixing something first before buying a new one. Cell phones and cameras are a big favorite of thing to have fixed as opposed to buying new ones. I understand that new innovation is driven by obsolescence of products but if a small part (like a pager motor) is all that's busted go and have it fixed. I'm glad we don't do that with cars...
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