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That's just wild. I used to live in that area and drove that road everyday. There were always "little" rock slides after heavy rain but this is pretty big. Hwy 64 is one of the few roads in that area so this really sucks for people driving to and from work.
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Yes, as MEN we are the protectors and required to respond. The reason this country is going down the tubes so fast is because real MEN are few and far between. A real MAN would have responded by kicking the rapist in the teeth a few hundred times and then helped the woman to her feet and called for medical help. Only a coward would have just sat and watched.

They should be fired and held somewhat responsible for that woman's harm.

@AndrewW That's school and a lot different. School does very little to teach you how to deal with the real world. Besides, fighting is not rape. If I saw two people fighting on the street, I would probably just call police.

Sorry for the rant. This subject bothers me because my wife was raped before we were together and no one came to her aid even though there were people that heard the whole thing and could have done something.
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