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I *had* that Addams Family Game! I seem to recall that its slogan was, "whoever wins, loses" or something similar.

I also had that dominoes set, and it was awesome to see that since I hadn't seen that box cover in, oh, 30 years!
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I specifically remember learning that i.e. can also mean "in exemplum," which makes that usage of it identical to e.g. Anybody know of a debunking of that notion?
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They left out September 26, 1983, when Stanislav Petrov saved the world:

I remember hearing that for his effort, the Russians rewarded him with a telephone.
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Vi and emacs are text editors, and there's a neverending holy war about which one's best. O'Reilly offers books on both, but the vi one's cover looks like this:

O'Reilly uses the Tarsier pretty much as their trademark : (It's even used in the favicon!)
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