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It would be cool for sure, and it would make me actually care about watching the Olympics for more than a few minutes when I channel surf... But how do they standardize parkour across Olympic games? Set up the exact same cityscape course or playground deal every few years?
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Makes some sense but instead of it being a sanitary issue what about darkness vs light? I mean religions have associated darkness with evil and light with goodness, and it all relates to the ability to see things.

Darkness is unknown and scary. Especially back before electric lights were everywhere, not being able to see anything at night, not even a few feet in front of you... It's scary! Bad emotions.

Whereas light lets you see things, it helps you have control over your surroundings and know where you're about to step, it's comforting. Good emotions.
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Wow, I can't believe after all that work and years of planning on the first story, they are dumb enough not to dispose of the evidence properly!

As for the rest, it seems like brute force, large numbers of people involved, and having the ego to spend what you stole on extravagant stuff are always a surefire way to screw things up. I prefer smart heisters. :P
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