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Very sweet. I think our local farmers would respond in much the same way. He certainly would love it in central Illinois, there is a John Deere dealer in just about every town near me.
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Thanks Alex! Its good to hear the commotion about the queue was not going unanswered. I certainly hope it improves things, as I would hate to see it go entirely.

Keep up the good work!
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I must confess I agree as well, although I was first interested in the queue it has become a nuisance. There have already been posts of content previously on neatorama, as well as, stolen or copy and pastes from other blogs. I suppose the ipod may be fueling the influx.

Finally, yes it is completely ironic that this post comes through the upcoming queue itself...
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This was recently featured on Gizmodo. The surface has a textured transparent polymer that behaves much like felt when playing, so you're not really replacing it with slippery glass...

The table is 3/4" thick safety glass as well, so I doubt it would break during play, but it sure must be heavy!
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I have worked in several schools, and that food really does not seem too bad. Schools have nutritional guidelines these days, hence vegetables next to just about everything. Also what was up with that frozen juice pop?!? Can't the schools around here get those?
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