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Excellent- eliminate the middle man in that most US hospitals and health providers are shipping patient records offshore to India for processing. In this case, ship the whole patient!

Maybe we can do this with legal issues next!
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Playboy jumped the shark years ago and pretty much died when they didn't try to capture the Maxim target market (which was their original market years ago) by covering up their ladies...
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United and American have been my worst.

One of them out right canceled a flight -poof- it disappeared from the departing screen without explanation- no "cancelled" on the screen. Had to hunt down someone to find out that the flight was cancelled and got the handoff twice to "go to that desk". Ended up that everyone was rebooked on a later flight so the airline could combine two flights (but they didn't tell me that). Well,the later flight ends up delaying 1, then 2, then 3 , then 4 hours. Once we were on the plane it took 1 1/2 hour delay to load up and get airborn. I get into the medium sized but podunk city I was flying to at 1am on a Tuesday night so nothing but an Arby's drive through was open for food- no pizza, no bars, nothing.

Conversely all the people above crowing about Southwest are just whining about the seating. Bah, seating issues are nothing to deal with compared to being treated like I was by the other airline. Southwest might be like taking the bus, but Southwest typically treats its passengers as humans, will communicate problems in real time with real explanations, and are typically on time.
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The book probably "looked" good and was in a group of old time looking books in the bathroom because of the visual look versus someone actually wanting to read it.
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