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If Gore had put all his money into Big Oil and then went on his green movement kick, would we then say he is a hypocrite for giving money to the opposition? It seems to me it makes perfect sense for him to support the movement he supports with money. The fact that he's seeing a return on his investments seems to me to only mean that he's had a degree of success in what he's been trying to do.
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Did the demographic create the market segments, or did the marketing make the demographic? Are we sure people don't fit into these nice (and wrong) categories because those are what these companies have been advertising to for the past forever?
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So I'm totally in support of animal rights and the good treatment of the creatures in this world, but I somehow doubt that sacrificing this one colony (one they made a great effort to save nonetheless) is somehow some major travesty to nature.

There is an unfathomable number of ants in this world and those that died created hardly a dent in the population I'm sure. If they saved the majority, give them a few months and they'll have an entirely new and equally amazing underground city built again.

There are many animal rights issues to be worried about in this world, I don't think this one ant colony is one of them. And besides that, this is an amazing study into animal behavior and organic habitation growth. We could learn alot about developing human habitation more efficiently from these creatures.
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I'm not sure why you would think this wasn't a natural response. It seems to be pretty universal across all primates.

It's an instinctual way of expressing dominance and submission after victory/defeat.

It's a pretty awesome realization, and I think it totally makes sense.
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