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I actually liked that you asked this question...I live in a 10x15 room, and everything my husband and myself own is in this room. That and...our friends...and our cat's five kittens. We couldn't be happier. We also adore Andy Williams...and falling off of steep cliff ledges. God bless you Neatorama!
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Why don't we do things like this to celebrate GM or General Dynamics or General Somethingorother...


Let's see anyone in our country do that!

Lord knows there would be a 'costume mishap' or – it would be something only FOX would broadcast...
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I believe that the Bass beer trademark is the oldest, as it says on the bottle!

From Wikipedia:
Bass is the name of a former brewery and the brand name for several English beers brewed in Burton upon Trent. Bass is most particularly associated with their pale ale. The distinctive Red Triangle logo for Bass Pale Ale was Britain's first registered trademark.

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I'm from Winona, MN, but I know some kids from Minneapolis that call this a looserbago. Well this is a high class one, but none the less...

It's a looserbago...

Rock on BLBC!!
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