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i don't remember where i saw it (maybe in my high school film/lit class) but i think i remember james saying (in an interview) that he wrote the song about a guy who was blind and deaf and couldn't move, and when it came time for the music video the director enlightened them to trumbo's book. i know this seems really music nerdy and nit-picky, and i may be remembering the interview wrong, but i also strongly dislike metallica.
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@ andrew

thanks for the tip, i'll have to give it a look. i've been curious about arguments against quinn's work but haven't had the easiest time spotting them.
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this is not just a problem with africa, this is a problem with the entire planet. earth cannot sustain our world population with the way we're living right now and the population is only going to go up until just about everyone is suffering.

for those of you saying "they're not animals, they're people" i have to ask what are humans if not another animal on this planet? most of whom*, for some bizarre reason, claim ownership to the entire planet and recklessly inhibit the way of life of so many other species.

i don't say any of this from on top of a tower because i know i'm not helping as much as i could, but the problem at hand is so much bigger than we think. it's not going to take a fraction of us to fix it, it's going to take all of us to fix it, mostly in very small ways. i highly suggest reading daniel quinn's books: ishmael, the story of b, and my ishmael. they talk pretty much exclusively about this subject and i think i agree with him, and the author of the article.

*many "indigenous cultures" have lived in a way that is sustainable and doesn't tax the land. it may be they didn't consciously do this, but this is just how they evolved to do it, because it works. (i know, i know... i'm regurgitating quinn's ideas, but i think they're pretty spot on)
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