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"It also has its own water system set up underneath, with several large drums and a pipe to feed it water."

wow, what a mystery
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@ the mac fanboys trying so hard to start a flame war. when there is a security hole exposed for a windows os it gets alot of press simply because of the popularity of the product. mac security holes go largely un-noticed mainly because of apples much smaller market share. this is also why there are less viruses for mac os than there are for windows platforms. what kind of hacker would they be if the decided to target only 10% of computers out there? this is one of the many myth's that continuously get brought up in the mac vs pc war. its childish and just plain untrue. there are virus's for mac os. I could link you to some reputable mac os antivirus software suites if you'd like. keep on believing that your mac is impenetrable and you will be shocked at just how wrong you are if apple ever gets a larger share of the market and becomes a more tempting target for hackers :-)
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I seriously cannot believe a list of cringeworthy actor/musician crossovers failed to include Jada Pinkett Smith's Wicked Wisdom!!

now THATS cringeworthy!
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