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yeah, no. if i had had this during HS, i would have wanted to murder someone. I am a morning person, and always have been. I also graduated with a 4.0 and won a scholarship to university, so thanks for being sleepy, everyone else!
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did i miss the part of religion where the "jesus" figure leaves and when he returns, the devil helps bankroll his religion's transformation?

I love "studies." I guess for these people, it beats working for a living.
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@buddhaflow you seem to not be getting an essential thing here. WHat you call a "canned response," actual science calls "an essential part of the scientific method." Not believing things without material proof is not "scientism" (by the way, did you get that from your Intelligent Design talking points primer?) it is the basis of science itself. It's why your insurance doesn't cover phrenology, it's why graphology is inadmissible in court, and it's why you don't eat mercury pills at breakfast. Science has proven all of those things to be bullshit, regardless of who might believe in it, it hasn't been proven to be helpful or work.

believing in pyramid power, and using government funds to carry it out (in a country where toilets are a luxury in some areas) is patently ridiculous.
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