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And just to weigh in on the 'fussbudget' side of things- 'the Ukraine' is not correct (you have it right in the post title but not in the first sentence of the post). Ukraine is called 'Ukraine' without 'the'! I live here in Ukraine and hearing it called 'The Ukraine' by English speakers drives me nuts!! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!
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I can't understand how anyone would not know that this isn't acceptable behavior. I feel sorry for every teacher, school official and everyone on down the line that has to deal with this woman and her kids.
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I thought it was pretty neat, too. I know that's the speed my babies are growing up at... groan.

Love her headband stage. And the waving hands!
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I thought they did ok, actually. Probably would not have occurred to me to do this but they obviously put a lot of work into it and it's pretty unique.
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that's just poor taste, that's all... good grief. I've made prison visits- I can't think of a single person in there I'd send one to. Either they have a major attitude already or they're sorry- either way, they don't need this. Why don't you just package up a sermon along with it.
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