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Well if you read the story completely, you can see that the piano only had a little damage and could be completely repaired and that it was still playable... Still, it's like crashing a brand new Bentley, you can fix it, but who would want to?
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it's a pretty nice job, but it has some low points, like the crappily glued on barbie red hair and the "moss" or whatever the guy used to hide the wires holding the leaves/wings to the body.

Pretty cute imo.
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This is a masterpiece, a movie studio needs to give this guy some funding right now. Just to think how difficult it must have been to make. Incredible talent. Bravo.
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The moment when you just know the human race ceased to exist was just genius. These guys definitely deserved the Oscar more than the one that won.
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Couldn't find a single video in their website of this piece of crap actually flying. Just bouncing around and gliding for a few feet then dropping down again. So much for success... Unless they define flight by a few intermitent seconds being airborne a few feet from the floor, but I thought the Wright brothers achieved the same thing a long time ago. If they stick a propeller or any other type of propulsion on it, then the flapping wings will just be a gimmick, since it will be like any other plane. Bet the researches still get paid handsomely anyway. Oh well, back to the drawing board, have to pay for my Ferrari and my mansion!
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