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Sorry, I’m not buying it. Anytime someone from the science or medical field makes a new discovery, they are going to want their named attached to it and get the credit. The fact that no doctors are named, despite the fact that several were involved, seems more than a little suspicious to me. My guess is it’s a viral marketing campaign, for a movie or tv show, staring, from the looks of it, Gavin McLeod.
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I cant speak for all atheists, but I’m pretty sure they would agree there is never a justifiable reason, outside of self defense, to kill another human being. As far as atheists having a materialist philosophy, visit the Vatican, stuffed with valuable works of art, or the gold clad Buddhist temples, the Hindu temples with their walls studded in precious gems and tell me they are not materialistic. If it were only the small number of atheists that were materialistic, the world would be a very different place.
Having answered your question, perhaps you can now answer mine. Is there anything that an atheist would do that a religious person would never do?
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A few years ago I was visiting Copenhagen, and thanks to that odd European custom of seating strangers at the same table in cafes, we got talking with a couple from the city. We wanted to know everything about what life was like for the average Dane, and they wanted to know what life was like for the average American. We ended up talking for hours, eventually moving on to a bar. The Danes do some serious drinking, and it was on full display for us that night. At one point, I asked our new friends what happens to a person caught driving drunk. Without batting an eye, their answer was people very seldom drive drunk because you could end up hurting someone. Yes, very few people drive in Copenhagen, cars are too expensive, the penalties are harsh, but the number one reason was the harm you could inflict on others. This coming from a society that jokes the only time they enter a church is for a wedding or a funeral.
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