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That doesn't look like a two-person costume, that looks like a one person costume with some sort of extension on the arms to make them similar length to the legs. It would be just like the Toothless costume you showed not too long ago.
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Cool design, but impractical for households. How are you going to "borrow" a chair to stand on and change the light bulb in another room? How could you push the chairs in enough to block cats from jumping on the table? And armchairs at a table are impossible for obese people. Also, moving this whole thing at once to clean the floor would be a real chore.
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What the guests should take from this: the married couple would never be the kind of friends you really need, so at least you didn't waste money on them. They're not worth any more of your time either, except for one small thing...

In the bride's own words: "but for your next wedding … people give envelopes". Easy solution: take back the food and give them a pack of envelopes.
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There isn't an obesity epidemic. The average weight of Americans has gone up, but only by about 14 pounds. 14 pounds isn't the difference between thin and obese. It's the difference between manual labor jobs and desk jobs.
The "epidemic" was invented by bad science, and the re-defining of "Obese" to include millions of Americans who were previously classed as "normal" or "overweight".
Look for an article at called "The Myth of an 'Obesity Tsunami.'"
There is not an epidemic of obesity. There is an epidemic of intolerance toward fat people.
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If you can't afford a wedding without shaking down all your guests for at least $150 each, then you need to downsize your wedding. End of story.
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Why should we be surprised to hear of people treating a wedding any different than Christmas? Nothing is sacred anymore; it's highly commercialized.

'You should have been cut from the list... I knew we were gunna get a bag of peanuts. I was right.' The embodiment of the attitude right there.
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Great. Now, in a country where it is acceptable to discriminate against the sick (not legal, but, oh, so acceptable), I am officially sick. Even though my blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and any other condition that has been tied to weight are within normal range, I am sick.
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Well, by looking at the photo and caption we all know how Neatorama feels. Very serious problem disease or not. To put the blame entirely on the individual is not fair or accurate. The societal and even governmental pressures are more to blame than ever.
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