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I was born and raised in San Francisco (still here too) and the costs of living is insane. The problem lies with the politicians and the excess spending they do all the time. Rather than cutting back like the rest of America, they raise the toll price, they raise taxes (9.5%!), and they want everybody to have the same benefits. The people running the city are idiots which only reflects the majority of the people living here. The only thing we can do in San Francisco is:
A) Vote the loonies out of city Hall and remove this ridiculous tax
B) Stop eating in San Francisco restaurants, which is nearly impossible to do because the food is so freakin' good!
or C) shut-up and keep eating out.

I personally don't support the tax or any tax in that matter to feed the monster that will never go away, the government. And Miss Celenia, why would you work for no pay? Sorry but that is the stupidest thing you can post. You make it seem like restaurant owners are Nazi's running little concentration camps forcing waiters and waitresses to do their bidding. AND BY THE WAY, waiters and waitresses can make a lot of money on tips alone if they work hard and here it comes, EARN IT.
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Bad Idea. It undermines the true value of each country and its currency. This is one closer step to socialism and as Melphistopheles points out, it really would mean the coming of the anti-christ. I really hope I'm not around when this happens.
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I feel bad for the guy. The real idiots are us, average American Citizens, for allow our irresponsible government to rob us from under our noses with these bail out plans. Tim Geithner and Bernanke knew about this and yet most of America is calm regarding them and their knowledge about it. And yet Obama stands behind Geithner who has no idea what he is doing in the financial market and many people leave not wanting to work for him or besides him.

If you support the TRILLION $$$$ plan from Obama, than you are a FOOL. Try paying off debt with a debit card when you don't have money in the bank. That is what our once great government is now doing.
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Why is it called progressive rather than liberal. I don't think doing things against society and the norm is or should be considered progressive. It should be more like retarded because it is "slowing down" the progress of society.

BTW, it is unfortunate she is a lesbian. If you are a woman, you are a woman. If you are a man, you are a man. Depeneding on what you are, you are always supposed to be with the opposite sex.

1+1 does not equal 3 no matter how good it makes you feel.
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