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Ekimouse just described the authoritarian traits of conservatives and tried to pass them off on liberals.

Projection is certainly a trait of conservatives..
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"if you fixate on a point in the center and don’t move your eyes this anomalous motion will stop." Or any other spot on or near the image.
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you pity people that are scared to go into combat? that's interesting.

i pity people who have had their basic human emotions brainwashed out of them.

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I'm the first to be optimistic about new technology, and I hate how 95% of people on the internet immediately try to rip apart anything new in an effort to prove how "informed" they are. That said, nearly every time I see a story about "brain controlled" anything, it turns out to be simple biofeedback. This has been around since the 1960s. Showing your level of relaxation using different graphics doesn't make it any more functional. Until I can tell the phone who to call using thought, I don't consider it brain controlled.
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A flash in the pan doesn't refer to musketry, comes from gold prospecting; specifically, panning for gold. When you swirl the dirt and gravel around in a pan, sometimes you see flakes of gold, but other times you think you do, but it turns out to just be a flash in the pan.
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See a wider shot here:

It's part of the South Park building, a popular restaurant and wine bar here in Portland.
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