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I'll confirm the sign language claim, although it's just part of the sign. Try to follow me on this explanation...

Put one arm on top of the other (almost like folding your arms, but don't tuck your hands, and hold your arms slightly away from you).
With the arm on top, make the sign of the horns.
With the arm on bottom, make a fist.
The "B.S." is made by expanding that fist on bottom out into an explosive fashion (but keeping your arms together)... much like if a B was going to S... albeit explosively. ;)
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I recently read an exhaustive article about blue moons. Unfortunately, as stated by a previously by somebody else, a month with 2 full moons isn't a blue moon, despite popular belief. Oh well.
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Technical clarification... but the northern lights are called "aurora borealis" and the southern lights are called "aurora australis". Although he claims to be Aurora Dude (lights dude), he clarifies that all of his photos are of the aurora borealis.
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It's a clever illusion, no doubt. Although the lines are technically straight, and perpendicular to each other, this portion of the illusion is not perfectly perpendicular to the monitor (maybe it got scanned crooked), as it is has been rotated counter-clockwise by 1/2 of a degree (no, seriously). That rotation, however, shouldn't adversely impact the illusion - that the straight lines seem to be bent/curved.

The real truth about this specific illusion... the illusion is slightly crooked, but the lines are straight. Very cool.

I was bored, so created this animated gif of the illusion, with and without the pivotal pieces.
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I think there's a lot of restroom etiquette out there that most people know of, but is only slightly documented. (shameless self promotion for an old post of mine)
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Tim Giachetti (comment 5) has it right. It's gotta be a netting needle. I've watched somebody use one of these before (slightly different), not only to mend a net, but to make one from scratch. Fascinating.
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I hate to correct the second spanish-based entry in a row... but refrito does indeed mean refried, or fried twice. To save face for the entry however, refreir, the origin of refrito, has three different meanings (according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language (the officiators of the Spanish language)). One of them is to return to fry, another is to fry something well, and the third is to fry something too much. Again... focusing on the minutia.
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...queen of the angels OF the river...

I think it could probably be translated to make it not so literal, so it actually says "The Town of Our Lady, the Queen of the Porciúncula River Angels", but now I'm just focusing on minutia.
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Glad the corrections got posted. No use propagating something that isn't true. I agree with Jason E on what should happen to this post.
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