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sorry Don, but those ARE exactly republican schemes that don't work and got us into this mess. Will you guys ever wake up? You can't tax cut your way to prosperity. you have to do it the old fashioned way and create jobs just like FDR did during the great depression with the New Deal. WWII helped, but again that war represented our government putting the population to work by funding jobs via the national debt. This is the same tactic Obama is about to use.
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Lost my job in October and my family lost half there retirement savings. As hard as all this is to take, I welcome the change. It is breathing new life and urgency into a complacent nation. People are realizing that all the Bush policies were designed to enrich and protect those pigs on Wall Street, while everyone else got screwed out of what they worked for years to accumulate.

It's unfortunate that things had to get this difficult, but the harder the economy falls, the better our safeguards for the future will become. It will get worse, but with Obama in the drivers seat I am confident he will lead us to a more egalitarian and honest society.
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After reading the comment I see B-Man has nailed it. Very ingenious invention for making your cast travel farther that your arm can toss it.
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It looks as if it was designed to aerodynamic, actually hydrodynamic (slips easily trough water) as something for the aie I can't see any purpose, but in the water it would add lift to a portion of a boat, or any other floatation devise. The clear plastic keeps it light so the air volume in the bubble adds significant boyancy and also the clear plastic becomes nearly invisible underwater, so it isn't unsightly.
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