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Copy and paste bums? Really? Obviously it was used as a reference, but like dermot and other people pointed out, there is no actual copy and pasting involved.

I have a lot of respect for animators, its a totally different field these days, with programs like flash doing all the grunt work with tweens, but still difficult.

I like hearing the stories of the old school animators, and I most definitely believe that they liked to knock back a few. Hell, I only have to make one frame when I make a flyer or a poster and I think that's difficult sometimes. Thanks for humbling me, and reminding me how easy my job is.
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I like the concept, which is often times the hard part for me, but clicking print on a printer/machine isn't quite the same as actually painting it. Definitely reminds me of Seurat, in regards to the pointilism, but thats about it.

Honestly, not knocking the guy, but I think it'd take me about 15 minutes to make one of these in Photoshop, and print it on canvas at the size he makes them. But, kudos to him to finding his niche, (still working on finding mine.)

at ntm: agreed
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Vote: Should NOT live in her office. Unless its totally hidden, and you couldn't tell she slept there (and she actually has to work at night).
It doesn't evoke a professional atmosphere at all, and would make me think she got evicted/couldn't afford to pay rent, which is obviously something I wouldn't want in a Mayor.
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People are really complaining about these ads? Seriously? I happen to think they are both pretty good ads, and not racist/sexist at all. (the one with the two girls and the guys behind them, could be deemed creepy, but I think its funny)
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