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wow..... S I C K
people like that (that made this happen) should learn to live. im never a racist. not even once. but this...i guess im VERY "racist" against idiots. i will now go wear the suit and take pics just to f with the nutters :D
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he DID it. it was not a trick. others have done it in the same way, as u would know if you had seen the talk, did some research and not just started to troll.

i can do 4-5 minutes :)

havent ever given it so much to. now i think, maybe i should...
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very similar to what me and my wife will start building in a year, if plans go throuh. slightly different interiors and minor differences in the "window hole"

this is an extremely design for cold climates
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great news. but not so new. this has been the case for a few years now. and althoughde jure its not the case in most of europe, it is de facto - belgium, holland, germany, france and others dont waste time on normal users. portugal, ofcourse being the most humane european country when it comes t drugpolicy. good to see things taking a ture for the better!
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we have timers on out crossing lights in tallinn. and it helps loads. as someone already put it:

a) To help pedestrians judge if they can make it across
b) To alleviate the impatience of anyone waiting.
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well... i think that the crime issue is not as much of an issue when the drugs move from the back allies to stores and homes. And the overall health thing... use does not go higher and the ones that use are thats also all good. and the heroin dens spoken of...also not too bad since the people are not sick, dont steal and rob and get clean H... most of them actually get back to work and theyr lives after a period.... EVERYTHING is better if the prohibition ends.
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hmm...i mean...correct grammar does not make a poem less poetic but neither does using a non correct form. languages live. and if some people are snobbish enough to denie the value of a living language, then its their loss.
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wtf. it is tradition. mountaineers need to be in the mountain that took them. its like the seamen want to go down with theyr ship in the ocean etc...its a shitty thing to do to bing ppl back from there. or any mountain. its where they wanted to go, where they feel best and where they should e...reminded of and honoured by others that clmb
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