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Thank you for posting this story. While it is heartbreaking and as a mom it makes my physically sick to my stomache - it needs to be seen.

I was suicidal from a very young age (kindergarden) and I can vouch that childhood depression is very real and very misunderstood. I planned out many ways to kill myself in grade school and never told anyone. I was not abused or anything, I believe now that I had a hormonal imbalance. I was very smart and knew all the ways I could fail at my "plans", failure was not an option. I didn't actually attempt anything until I was a teenager.

I doubt this girl had never exhibited signs of depression before this happened. It was more likely just the last straw for her. I hope she's at peace.
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This also happened to me at a local drive through. I kept hearing the cars ahead of me honk and wondered what was going on - turns out they were honking and waving "thank you" to the car who'd just bought their breakfast. The girl at the window said it just happens every once in awhile and usually lasted for hours (until a car was the last in line).

Totally made my morning. You should try it sometime.
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After a lot of wine one night I decided that spongebob (and that is a GREAT show if you've had a few) was based on PeeWee's Playhouse. The formal outfit, the man-child thing, the laugh, etc...
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I know it's because my daughter has made me watch too many hours of spongebob...but does anyone else think the guy in the thumbnail photo looks exactly like Mermaid-Man?
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I actually have that egg separator, it was a gift. I keep it in the kitchen window with paint brushes in it. People always comment on it, so its a good conversation starter if nothing else.
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