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Why are so many people here saying Marijuana is grown by Criminal gangs in Holland?

It's grown and regulated by the Government.

Alot can be learned from Hollands approach to drugs.
In Holland, if you have a cocaine addiction, you go to the doctor, and get some Cocaine... it's MUCH more sensible than having it unregulated and being sold by people on the streets... At least if it's being administered by a doctor, the user KNOWS what he's getting, also the doctor can slowly ween him off it and offer him help... How can anybody think our system is better at dealing with the issue of drug use? People in America are buying drugs from people they don't know, that are cut with God knows what from people who are actively ENCOURAGING their drug habbit.

IMHO The government should grow some balls and REALLY confront this problem... They waste time targeting the end user and very rarely take down the people making and supplying the drugs
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