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I agree with #3, if you can't beat em eat em.
Also, why do I keep getting logged-in as other people?
I am not Dullard, nor Al24... just wondering.
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Leif: you need to pull back and look at the project as a whole. the point isn't the drawings themselves, it's how they're made as well, which is WHY we're told how they're made. the thoughts he's communicating are very clear to me...
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don't need this...in recent years, i've grown a moustache that can touch my ears.

Gail Pink - your proclivities are just nature's way of keeping you out of the smart gene pool.
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'it looks as though it was designed by an architect...a single mind'

yeah - 'cos we all know exactly what a consciousness built out of millions of individuated semi-autonomous mobile units looks like don't we. now to say that the colony computes or has an output is something different. but a conscioussness? naaa.

BTW - to those who are worrying about the ants' welfare, in terms of percentage of overall attrition to the species it's probably the equivalent of knocking down a single squirrel in your car. it's the ants' world. we just happen to live in it...
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o.k - it's the hoop camera from the '70's combined with muybridge! i think my ire was rather that the ad industry consistently sets itself up as the vanguard of creativity (i blame the bolivian marching powder - and i know that's a cliché, but it's also true). a recent example: the honda 'cog' car ad 'borrowing' from 'fischli and Weiss's 'the way things go' springs to mind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U82eWptFxSs).
don't get me wrong - there's a lot of creativity in advertising. but there's a lot of convenient myopia as well.
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'it demonstrates toshiba's commitment to staying ahead of advancement in film and television'

knackers it does. this technique was invented at the Slade art college in London in the 1970's. a large hoop shaped camera loaded with film, each frame exposed simultaneously, so that instead of travelling through time as the film runs, you travel through space.

this is just your usual self-important advertising guff...
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why not try for yourself?

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near me is britain's oldest velodrome, where they race penny farthings once a year (including minature kids' ones.) they're surprisingly fast and efficient - there's no drive transmission to soak up energy. his one looks like it might even be carbon...i see the future and it's wearing a top hat.
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