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That brings the count of Russians that are either unable to accept or simply decline the Fields Medal to four. Monetarily, the Fields is paltry (some $14,000). Mr. Perelman will likely be awarded at least some portion of one of the Millennium Prizes ($1,000,000) offered by the Clay Mathematics Institute. It is conjectured that Mr. Perelman will decline this as well.

John Forbes Nash (A Beautiful Mind) pined mightily over not being awarded the Fields Medal and over not being portrayed alone on the cover of Fortune Magazine. By contrast, Perleman has previously turned down a prestigious prize from the "European Mathematical Society, allegedly saying that he felt the prize committee was unqualified to assess his work (even positively)." [wiki]

These mathematicians can be sensitive.
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Al, I find that if I type just that little bit slower then more of the folks at home can play along. Otherwise they have to sit dangerously close to the screen.

Ted, there actually IS some golf in this video. Perhaps you nodded off before it came up. At the 2:00 minute mark Mr. Bradley points right then shoots at a golf ball in mid-air and drives it right. Then he points left, hits a golf ball and drives it left. But I'm guessing that's pretty much the way you and yours get all the chores done 'round your spread, huh?
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If you noodle around with it a bit, you'll find that you can suggest different spellings for the various authors. All of the authors are visitor-suggested. Given teh nature of teh Intarwebs, spelling mileage will vary.
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Ann, no that does not bother me. My dad shot a bear once, too. Kilt it dead and then ate it. He said it tasted good. It was not self-defense for him, either. I suppose my dad coulda waited around awhile and made it self-defense. Anyway, the bear that kilt my friend did not kill her in self-defense, either.

The bear was shot by a hunter (singular), not hunters (plural). That hunter paid $50,000 to the state to do it. The bear that kilt my friend did not have a valid hunting license to hunt park rangers.

Neither the bear nor my friend were mutants. A mutant is an organism that has had a change of the DNA sequence within a gene or chromosome resulting in the creation of a new trait not found in the parents. There was nothing in the article to indicate such was the case. That bear was a cross-breed, and not a terribly rare one at that. The article also said that this polar-grizzly cross-breeding does happen with bears in captivity. What was unusual was that the poor little bear was a wild cross-breed. If that hunter hadn't shot it, we wouldn't know that. Now we know something we didn't. The non-mutant DNA sample taken from the very dead bear was what the article said proved this.

I'm new to this whole "evolutionary research" thing. How does having a live bear that may be the future missing link in the development of new terrorist bears (as Guse so rightly points out) but that we do not know about help us in this "evolutionary research" you speak of? The logic escapes me. Now, what that hunter may have done is to kill off, or perhaps delay, the introduction of a new breed of bear. I’ll grant you that. You know what I think about that? Great big whoopty-doo (that was sarcasm).

Let me put this in perspective. The male of the bedbug species is quite the active fellow. He will mate or attempt to mate with almost any insect of about his shape and size, regardless of its sex or species. It is quite likely that there are bedbug crossbreeds of one flavor or another in the wilds of my bed (we believe that cleanliness is over-rated here at Chaos Manor) brought into being at the rate of some dozen or so each night! And then I, thoughtless brute that I am, roll over and crush out these cute little new life forms. Oh, the hoomanity of it all! I am shocked; shocked I tell you that Richard Dawkins is not lurking around my bed, ready to pounce on me to stop this travesty. Anyway, the bedbug cross-breeds that survive the enthusiastic gymnastics that I am wont to perform in my bed are certain to have traits that will astound, simply astound evolutionary researchers everywhere. That does it. I’m applying for an NSF grant forthwith. And forget that hunting license. Every bedbug is sacred.
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Some years back, a friend of mine who happened to be a park ranger was killed by a Grizzly. I can just imagine what the discussion would have been like on blogs by bears (if bears had blogs):

"Dumb-ass Grizzly chased the last good human right out of that tree and killed her. Stoopit human-hunting Grizzly!"

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Jes' a quick note, y'all, but if you realy dig the Jake Shimabukuro-meister, check his calendar. He may be coming to a venue near you. I was shocked to find he's coming to my fly-over-centric burg.
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